Monday, January 31, 2011

time for an UPDATE!

Geesh I am a slacker!! Well... not really. Just been WAY too busy to even think of blogging. So here is the short and sweet of it:

1. We bought a HOUSE!! (YIPPY!)
2. We are pregnant again! Due July 25th.
3. Owen is growing up WAY too fast and may be the funniest kid around.
So instead of boring you with a ton of writing are some fun photos of what we have been up to! I plan on posting lots more about our many projects here at Strawn Farms 2.0 :) Also lots of "how to" posts about the things we have done for those of you who have been asking! (I didn't forget about all of you, I promise!)

the new house! :) BEFORE the new ceilings
there was ZERO insulation in the ceiling because they are vaulted, so we filled the existing beans with insulation and re Tough and Grooved (aka boards that lock together) over it! LOTS and LOTS of work, but SO worth it!

I wrote a little something on the back of the first board we put up. :) Staining all the boards SUCKED. I basically walked back and forth bent over with a little roller and a million buckets of stains and rolled each on with stain individually. They turned out BEAUTIFUL, but my back hated me for days!

AFTER the new ceilings were done! I LOVE them!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

some cuteness for you to enjoy

playing with the cousins up north you can definitly see they are related! I think they have the same nose!
Just Chillin'.

we've got some CURLS!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Last year on August 14th we got to meet our son, Owen. He is the most amazing boy that ever was. He is sweet and funny and is such a joy to be around. What a fun year it has been! :)
*you may want to get a tissue...I definitly needed one...

I know it's a long video, but what did you expect? I'm a photographer. I have about a million pictures of this cute kid!! :) You are lucky I edited it down! It WAS 20 minutes :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beach Bum

wow! Time flys! I cannot believe Owen is almost one!! What a big kid!! :) He wants to walk so bad, but just can't seem to find his balance. He starts running though as soon as he has ahold of your hands!
We took Owen on his first trip to the beach (i know, we are totally lame parents for not taking him sooner!!) He loved it! He even made a new friend, Mr. Sandcrab :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how we love to swim!

Owen LOVES water. Whenever we are outside playing he always head straight for the pool. He often screams with excitement when he can see the pool. Even if it is cold he still want to be in the water. So, since it has been hot this week we have been in the pool almost everyday! :) Owen is going to be one tan baby! He loves jumping around in the water with his daddy, and LOVES to SPLASH! You can even splash him and he thinks it is funny!! He is not a big fan of going under the water, but is getting better. YAY FOR SUMMER!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

crawling like a pro

Owen is a busy little boy! He is crawling all over the place (well more like inch worming all over the place). He is SO curious about everything! :) He LOVES turning off the light when we leave a room, and absolutly LOVES bathtime!!! He is a HILLARIOUS little boy. Always laughing and smiling. What a blessing!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We've got some teeth!!

Can you see them?... there on the bottom! We've got 2 so far!! GOOD JOB OWEN!! :)